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Sensory tests and triangle tests, we carry out both on the basis of consumer sampling and based on expert interviews. The sensory test or the triangle test is an efficient method for determining small differences between two product samples/recipes.

The respondents get three samples, (e.g. AAB, BAA, ABA, BAB) and receive the information that two samples are identical and one is different from the two identical ones. Task of the respondents is to recognize the other (or different) sample. The rate-probability is 33%. If the rate of the other (= different) sample was significantly higher than 33%, the perception of a difference is proven.

The experts are people from the sensory panel. These are individuals who show a high performance in detecting differences between products and recipes. They were trained systematically to individual taste descriptors.

Sensory panelists are selected on the basis of a screening. The selection and training of sensory panelists is in accordance with DIN 10961 for sensory analysis, developed for the quality management. Participants of screening are checked for basic taste ability, odor identification ability and color-differentiation ability. Those who qualify under these three tests for the sensory panel are systematically trained in the course of further attempts to describing food, beverages and fragrances, so that descriptors such as sour, salty, bitter, sweet, tastes chocolatey, creamy, etc. are shared by all the panelists and used valid. In addition, they are trained on the basis of item batteries and scaled measurements to the detection of taste intensities.

From the question of the client the choice of consumer sample or expert panel depends. If the question relates to whether the own users distinguish a new recipe from the previous recipe and how they judge these differences, the consumer sample is the route of choice. If basically the detection of a difference in perception is in the foreground, the expert panel is the route of choice.







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