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  • Renowned market research agency based in Cologne, Germany
  • Active since 1962 , more than four decades of research experience
  • Specialist for concept- and product testing and all questions related to product, brand and communication
  • Market research at a high level both in quantitative and qualitative area
  • Testing us: Our strengths are reliability, speed, customer orientation and attractive price-performance ratio








IFUMA, your partner for concept- and product testing




The competence of IFUMA is based on more than 40 years of experience in concept- and product testing for renowned brand manufacturers. Specific experiences IFUMA has at


• Beverage Testing

• Taste tests for food and snack products

• Fragrance tests

• Product tests for body care products

• Triangle test to examine differences


Product tests we run nationally and internationally as well as CLT and as home-use test.

We guarantee:


• Speed and efficiency

• Access to all target groups, even "difficult" target groups like doctors, engineers ...

• Optimal facilities, facility partners in all major cities

• Specially trained and experienced interviewers

• Highest reliability, particularly with regard to deadlines


Many years of experience allows us a solid classification and evaluation of the results on the background of benchmarks.








Not qualitative market research or quantitative market research but the combination of both is our credo. The best of both worlds of market research, valid measurements and consumer insights as well as deepening, substantive understanding form the basis of our findings and recommendations.


Acceptance analysis, so the question of how good the product, the display, the spot, the design, the taste was experienced and impact analysis, so knowledge about the "how" and "why" and the concept relevant constitutions, are our main focus.


We will show you how well received your product is and how it affects the target group. We answer you if and how much it is stronger or weaker than the competition and what potential you have with your product in the market. You get profound information from us, whether and if yes, what you should optimize.









• Product testing                     • Focus Groups
• Beverages test                     • In-depth interviews
• Sensoric Test                       • Advertising Research
• Triangle test                         • Online Surveys
• Concept testing                   • Fragrance Test
• Packaging design test         • Name Test
• Home-use test                      • PSM Price Sensitivity Meter








IFUMA Services









IFUMA takes over the complete processing of your market research project. We offer you:


• Individual counseling by experienced project managers

• Creation of the questionnaire according to your wishes

• High-quality execution of fieldwork

• Timely delivery of results, high flexibility

• First results shortly after the end of fieldwork

• Meaningful PowerPoint report with management summary

• Presentation of the results at your office if required





















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