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In-depth-interviews provide insight and knowledge beyond socially desirable answers and superficial rationalizations. In addition to focus groups they are the central instrument to gain consumer insights.

In-depth-interviews provide insight into the inner experience patterns of consumers and the "unconscious" behind the buying behavior underlying motive structures.

In 30-120 minute in-depth-interviews settings and emotional experience patterns of consumers are explored in the context of a progressive deepening.

In-depth-interviews have their place, especially in the context of motives in market research. Especially in the early stages of development processes of marketing they provide valuable insights for the concept development and strategic decisions.

The in-depth-interview is one of the most intense and productive types of surveys as part of market research. The relaxed, open discussion situation and appreciative attitude of the interview allows the interviewees to open up and express their own emotions or also unpleasant, socially undesirable thoughts and feelings.

The open conversation allows a flexible flow and to detect the subjective experience of the respondents. The relevant issues can be taken up and deepened, that emerge in the course of conversation spontaneously.

The open, emotional conversation situation and the flexible, deepening flow of the conversation lead to a significantly higher knowledge depth than conventional interviews. Within the scope of the conversation projective techniques such laddering or the questioning of keywords are also used, which support a progressive deepening. Here spontaneous ideas or even "absurd" seemingly thoughts with its hidden meaning can be explored.

The in-depth interviews are recorded and transcribed. Then the contents will be analysed and interpreted.

Depending on the complexity of the subject the in-depth interviews take between 30 and 120 minutes. Usually, the sample includes a number of 10 to 40 in-depth interviews. With 20 or 40 in-depth interviews two regions in Germany (for example, Northern Germany and Southern Germany) can be covered in order to increase the representativeness. The in-depth interviews are conducted at Ifuma by experienced psychologists and psychologically trained interviewers.





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